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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Branding 101

by Costa Creative Company

When opening a company whether big or small, many think the essentials are a name and a logo. Although they're not wrong, that's only half of the equation. When it comes to any business, whether it's a big corporation like Apple, a non-profit like Salvation Army, or a small business like your local coffee shop, they all need something we love doing here at Costa called b r a n d i n g.

What is Branding?

Branding is the measures you take to build a distinct appearance of your company. Let's just say branding is critical to any business. It's vital because it brings purpose to your brand. It allows it to have its own identity. You're placing a tone of voice, a visual design like color palettes, logo design, and typographies. It brings out the purpose you're trying to convey and the promise you're trying to pledge to your clientele.

On the other hand, a brand is a collection of individuals' distinctive perceptions, views, and feelings towards your business, which sets it apart from different companies. Even though no one has control over what's perceived of their brand, we have total control of shaping those perceptions by creating a brand we love. All your actions to make that vision come to life and create branding for your brand will undoubtedly translate into higher success for your business in the future.

Why is Branding Helpful?

Branding helps your brand stay consistent. It makes a significant impact on individuals. If branding's done correctly, it can give your brand a more "human" side. It makes people feel more connected with it, gives them a more memorable impression, and lets them know what to expect from your company.

Branding also creates trust within the market. Like every relationship, trust goes a long way, and branding is attached to that trust your brand is exuding. If you don't invest in branding for your company, it won't look cohesive or reliable.

What Does Branding Do For You?

Branding can help you be distinguished from other companies who might be your competitors. It helps your brand become more recognizable and builds on your customer loyalty.

Even though branding is something some might think is easy, and they can leave it for a later time, I want you to understand how critical it is for your brand to be in place before you even start anything else. Branding helps you set your logo, colors, typography, voice, etc. This will help you stay consistent throughout your business cards, letterheads, brochures, website, and even social media.

How Do You Create Your Branding For Your Brand?

The easiest way to create branding for your business is with a branding expert. People hire branding experts to make their vision a reality.-- Branding Experts as in *cough* Costa Creative Company *cough* :)

Here at Costa, we help brands come to life with our Branding Intensive packages, which you can learn more about on our services page here on our website.

I can only speak for us here at Costa because I don't know how others do it, but let me give you the in! When you hire us as branding experts, we make you part of the process when creating your brand. You make final decisions with every aspect of branding. And one thing we are huge on is always building something that resonates with our clients and their vision, mission, and, of course, all the feels.

It's always so fun to see your vision come to life and look at it speak to your clients with the emotions you wanted it to give off.

Branding is a MUST when building your brand. We believe it is a significant investment and will save you from stress and unhappiness in the future because of how your brand looks and will save you from inconsistency throughout it all. You want to look at your brand and be proud. There shouldn't be a moment where you talk down on anything branding-related, and we are here to ensure that.

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