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The EPIC Foundation


  • Platforms Managed: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter 

  • Services: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Strategy, Graphic Design


  • Create consistent messaging and visuals across all social media platforms that align with the mission of The EPIC Foundation

  • Develop account engagement and reach the targeted audience

  • Use social media platforms to host fundraisers for student scholarships and programs

  • Engage and connect with the community

  • ​Reach 1,000 followers on Instagram in 4 months


  • Lack of consistency in creating and sharing content 

  • Low engagement and reach on all platforms

  • In need of a social media strategy to showcase the work the non-profit was generating in the community


  • Establish a content strategy centered around the mission and vision of EPIC

  • Ensure all  messaging is consistent across the EPIC website and social media platforms

  • Use the EPIC brand kit to establish a consistent look and feel in each post

  • Interact on all platforms with the EPIC community to grow brand awareness



  • In the first 30 days, we increased Instagram impressions by 605% and saw a 304% increase in profile visits

  • We reached our client’s goal of 1,000 Instagram followers in 4 months, adding +541 new accounts to the company’s page

  • In the first 6 months, we reached 38,521 Instagram accounts and had 4,406 profile visits

  • Established a new LIVE series called EPIC Chats where EPIC could connect and engage with community leaders

  • Hosted a fundraiser campaign via Instagram for Giving Tuesday with a goal of $500, but exceeded our goal and raised a total of $2,020 towards scholarships

  • Assembled and managed quarterly fundraiser campaigns

    • EPIC Access Program Fundraiser March 2022 & June 2022

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